Walker County’s affordable cost of living lets you maintain higher standards for the way you want to live, work and play. An outstanding quality of life also gives companies here a distinct advantage in attracting and keeping quality employees.

More than 100,000 people move to Georgia each year, making the state among the top 10 fastest-growing states in the U.S. They come for the state’s excellent location, hospitable people, and warm climate, as well as superb health care, education and career opportunities.

Georgia’s outstanding health care is provided by a statewide network of 188 hospitals, including specialized facilities; 29,000 physicians; and more than 5,000 dentists, many of whom came from one of the state’s four medical schools.

Georgia’s university system is the fourth-largest in the country, totaling 13 state universities, four research universities, seven state colleges, two regional universities, nine two-year universities, plus an integrated network of 34 technical colleges with multiple campuses. To help ease tuition costs, Georgia sponsors the groundbreaking HOPE Scholarship program for its deserving students. This access to education assures that businesses in Georgia are fueled by skilled and knowledgeable employees.

But Georgia isn’t all work and no fun; the state is a true center for art and entertainment. Most recently, the world’s largest aquarium joined world-class museums, ballet companies, theater groups and sports teams throughout the state to entertain residents and visitors alike.
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