Why Walker?

If you want to know how business-friendly Walker County can be, simply look around the county. It’s home to some of the nation’s most recognized corporations, including General Electric's Roper Division, Shaw Industries, and Nissin Brake of Georgia, a tier one supplier of Honda. These companies are joined by dozens of other companies that are either home-grown or are affiliates of firms that commonly dot the American landscape. 
But you don’t have to be a big brand to enjoy the big benefits of being in Walker County. Our strong, vibrant business environment is at the center of a progressive, ever-growing region that serves as a gateway to the economic engine of the southeast (Atlanta) for companies, large or small.
Domestically, our local and state tax rates are very competitive, even being identified with some of the lowest in the region. In addition, Walker County along with all of Georgia is a right-to-work state with a highly skilled workforce and world-class educational opportunies.

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